Multimedia World

1913511_619541921468911_3701970218261610162_oO man
In this multimedia
Diverse beings are seen
Enlightened you see One in all
An ignorant sees many

In all of them is my hue
I am in love with floral frill
In waywardness, I am lost
Searching me in them I am frost

Caught up in the forms
Constrained to see my real self
Living together through life
I never interact with myself

Acknowledgement: The accompanying picture captured by Swaraj Raj, stolen by me.


Know Thyself

The world is this moment

Next moment it won’t be the same

The life is this moment

Next moment will be insurance claim

I am at this moment

Next moment will be fame or blame

Everything is a spinning frame

Patterns make unmake

But self is never at stake

It is original

From it the copies make

Know this

The original never miss

Self is the truth

Self is the beautiful

Self is the light

Naked self is larger than life

All else is dream

At night